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Here's what's happening in the tequila world.
Dec 20, 2023

Is ‘Additive-Free’ Tequila the New 100% Agave?

The conversation has shifted to highlight producers that omit glycerin, sweeteners, and other additives in their product. But is additive-free the only indicator of quality?

Dec 20, 2023

The art and culture behind tequila, the oldest distilled spirit

The Mountain Life Podcast welcomes guest, writer, and sociologist Clayton Szczech who moved to Mexico in 2006 and since has become a passionate advocate for tequila.

The Spirits Business
Dec 07, 2023

Mike Dolan: Tequila shake-out needed

Mijenta co-founder Mike Dolan believes there should be a “shake-out” of Tequila brands as many “don’t have any reason to exist”

Santa Barbara Independent
Dec 06, 2023

A Tequila Book for Both Newbies and Nerds

Talking Agave and More with Clayton Szczech, Author of ‘A Field Guide to Tequila’

Dallas Morning News
Aug 02, 2023

The boozy story of La Pulga, the Fort Worth company selling tequila now

With every batch of La Pulga spirits, tequileros in a remote village in Jalisco play loud Mexican rock music around the clock for three to six days while the liquid bubbles and froths.

Business Wire
Aug 01, 2023

Ole Smoky Distillery LLC Announces Merger with Tanteo Spirits

Through this merger, the combined company will leverage Ole Smoky’s infrastructure and its sales and distribution network to significantly accelerate Tanteo’s growth.

The Austin Chronicle
Jul 07, 2023

Four Trailblazing Tequilas Reinvigorating the Spirit’s Reputation

This iconic Mexican spirit, synonymous with celebration, is once again in clear view, and the options in Austin are lovely.

Jun 28, 2023

Quintaliza, The World’s First ‘Coffee-Aged’ Tequila

Quintaliza Reposado Tequila is finished in oak barrels that previously held artisan-roasted organic coffee made from sustainably sourced beans harvested in Chiapas, Mexico.

Jun 19, 2023

We Asked 16 Bartenders: What’s Your Go-To Tequila? (2023)

Sorting through the options can be overwhelming, which is why we always opt to trust the experts. To get their take on a workhorse option, we asked bartenders to share with us their go-to tequilas.