Additive-Free Alliance Brand

El Tesoro de Don Felipe

Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1139

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Doug Price
Tequila Badass
443 ratings

Don Heiser
Tequila Wizard
953 ratings

Joe Farrier
Tequila Ninja
172 ratings

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Boss
508 ratings

Tasted at a bar.

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Boss
508 ratings

Tasted at MBTC 2023 party.

Greg Bartolotta @aged_agave
Tequila Badass
437 ratings

Floral and citrus notes. Just beautiful. Light mint, anise, followed by white pepper and sweet agave. This bottle holds up over time. Excellent

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Boss
508 ratings

I greatly dislike Laphroaig and, as a result, I don't like this product.

Not as harmonious as other aged expressions from La Altena, using Paradiso as a reference, but enjoyed the experimental aspect of using other barrels to produce it Still a good profile, blending/barrel harmony could be perfected

Gabriel Serrato
Tequila Savant
224 ratings

Blind Donkey San Diego, CA $30 Bottle almost full Champagne glass Preceded by El Tesoro Blanco The blanco is beautifully crafted, heavy on the agave and balanced between the spice with a floral, white pepper and slightly citrus aroma. I love tasting the evolution of the juice and decided to jump to the other end with El Tesoro’s legendary XA. On the aroma what is lost is any hint of agave or citrus. But what comes alive in your nose are distinct but moderate oak barrel notes. Butterscotch, cherry, and caramel are present, but don’t overwhelm the nose like some other (additive?) XAs. Both the blanco and XA are wonderfully balanced. You get no dominance or tidal wave of any single component and if you consider the evolution of this juice you can appreciate the fine barrel work used to lay the ground work for the XA. On the pallet the XA retains much of the pepper and a hint of the cooked agave present in the blanco. Of course, those notes are deeply embedded in the personality of the barrel. Surprisingly, I find the XA bolder and stronger than the blanco. Often times I feel the barrel course corrects the blanco, undercutting it’s punch. But relative to the XA, the blanco is more subtle and even than the XA. Ultimately the XA is a superbly crafted juice whose extraordinary profile emerges from a delicious blanco of the terrior and the perfectly aged barrel strategy of El Tesoro.

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