Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1579

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raymundo jaime
Tequila Maniac
30 ratings

paul mobley
Tequila Fanatic
16 ratings

paul mobley
Tequila Fanatic
16 ratings

Bryce Taylor
Tequila Guru
90 ratings

Volans Extra Anejo I’m a huge fan of El Pandillo - NOM1579. This XA is a special treat. On the nose I first detect sweet cooked agave then some vanilla and light oak. This tequila is very viscous, which feels great on the palate and lends to a longer finish. I taste cooked agave, butterscotch, white pepper, orange peel and a hint of oak. This is an excellent XA if you’re a true agave fan because the oak takes a backseat. This is a must have tequila! ¡Salud!

Mike Thomas
Tequila Ninja
130 ratings

This XA from Felipe is as amazing as it gets. The barrel notes are fantastic. Its a quintessential Los Altos/El Pandillo tequila. I like that he’s using older barrels to let the agave shine through and not be dominated by wood. Although the beautiful wood is still present. What makes this so wonderful is that nothing dominates. The agave blends with the plum, ripe grapes, cherries, lime blossoms, vanilla and lightly toasted nuts. It’s fruity, its mineral-y, it’s aged to perfection. Nice work FC.

victoria avila
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

jeffrey arnold
Tequila Freak
14 ratings

Maybe the most classic? Perfect for a margarita.

Chad Allen
Tequila Freak
26 ratings

An easy to drink agave forward blanco with hints of citrus and a nice minerality.

Cristina Allen
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

Agave, citrus, vanilla, slightly mineral, 1/3 deep well water, rain, and spring water, oxygenated, zero additives!! El Pandillo only makes Tequila with great quality agave and water.

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