La Historia de Nosotros

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1438

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Jay Baer
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260 ratings

Jay Baer
Tequila Savant
260 ratings

Adam Stemmler
Tequila Phenom
345 ratings

Jeremy Kinney
Tequila Ninja
167 ratings

Pepe Matz
Tequila Wizard
709 ratings

Tasted a small sample (need to come back to do a proper tasting) Initial thoughts: Vanilla/sweet notes… flat profile Oak and sweetness overpower the agave flavor. Minimal agave detected

Don Cervantes
Tequila Ninja
139 ratings

Mando G @tequilageek
Tequila Ninja
150 ratings

Rodrigo Sanchez
Tequila Badass
456 ratings

Josh Ohlinger @QueenCLTequila
Tequila Guru
96 ratings

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Jul 08, 2020

Nosotros Tequila and p3rceive Team Up to Support Rapid Expansion

Nosotros Tequila has partnered with p3rceive, a Chicago based financial software company, to support its rapid expansion.