Additive-Free Alliance Brand

Don Fulano

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1146

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Don Terry
Tequila Savant
205 ratings

Don Terry
Tequila Savant
205 ratings

Keith Bogart (Fuerte Fanatic)
Tequila Ninja
110 ratings

Nose: agave / pepper / earth/ minerals/ slight fruitiness/ lime/ faint citrus / bell pepper/ sage / brine / alcohol Taste: cooked sweet agave / vanilla/ cinnamon/ earth / apple / melon / citrus / alcohol/ mint/ molasses/ cream soda Finish: the finish is sweet and a touch spicy/ the alcohol is all over the taste and nose, the finish is no different. There is a slight bitterness but the sweetness really overcomes it / nice simple slightly viscous mouthfeel….them alcohol. It’s the Jalisco hug! This high proof fuerte may just have too much alcohol to give this tequila a fair taste. The tastes are bold (a desirable high abv result), but it’s just too much alcohol to really make the effect work. This might be a completely different pour with 46%abv.

Keith Bogart (Fuerte Fanatic)
Tequila Ninja
110 ratings

Nose: cooked agave sweet / caramel/ vanilla / melon / orange peel / hay / tea / minerals/ touch of flora / nutmeg/ hint of chocolate/ honey/ Taste: cooked agave / pepper / vanilla/ oak / caramel/ banana/ lime / citrus / orange peel / spearmint/ tea / nutmeg/ allspice/ chocolate/ maple Finish: lightly viscous mouthfeel with a nice lingering sweetness / a bitterness that clears up near the last swallow/ This anejo has a lot of notes in the nose and taste if you really work to pull them out through multiple nose techniques and tastes, but an anejo shouldn’t have to work so hard to get the barrel notes out of the glass and into your brain. This is a good budget sipper if there isn’t anything better in front of you.

Keith Bogart (Fuerte Fanatic)
Tequila Ninja
110 ratings

Nose: agave / peppermint/ light fruitiness / orange peel / lemongrass / earth / alcohol Taste: slightly sweet agave (cooked) / vanilla/ pepper/ banana/ melon / citrus (low) / bell pepper/ clove / honey / chocolate alcohol Finish: the front palate says nice and sweet and light/ the back of the palate says it’s a little hardh, bitter, and carries a little alcohol. It’s overall good with a slightly viscous mouthfeel feel/ no specific lingering notes This reposado is just good. It’s basic. There’s nothing special or great…it’s just good. I would use it as a mixer because there’s nothing much to enjoy here as a sipper.

Ken Ihrer (Fuerte Fanatic)
Tequila Ninja
132 ratings

Tasted this blind for a Fuerte Friday. Nice viscosity with strong legs. On the nose I pick up earthiness, tobacco and a smell that I can’t quite place, maybe melon, but pleasant just the same. The taste follows suit but this one is not as agave forward as others in the flight I was tasting. It is earthy, with black pepper. The high ABV works well with this one and the finish is very nice without a lot of burn. I would recommend this one. Tasting this again (not blind). Just love this nose. Agave and cinnamon. I get citrus and minerals. It has some earthiness. Very nice nose. Viscosity is a nice oily feel and the finish is a great balance of flavors. The taste is as described in my blind. This is an excellent HP.

Robert Frost
Tequila Savant
255 ratings

I was immediately hit with cooked agave, followed by butter, black pepper, olives and a touch of alcohol, probably due to the high proof. Flavor of cooked agave, black pepper, citrus and olive. Has a lovely, long finish.

chuck u farley
Tequila Savant
216 ratings

Josh Ohlinger @QueenCLTequila
Tequila Ninja
128 ratings

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