Bottle of Casino Azul Tequila Extra Anejo

Casino Azul Tequila Extra Anejo

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Production Details
NOM : 1466 ,
Agave Type : Tequilana Weber ,
Agave Region : - ,
Region : Jalisco (Los Valles) ,
Cooking : Stone/Brick Ovens ,
Extraction : Roller Mill ,
Water Source : - ,
Fermentation : 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks ,
Distillation : 2x distilled ,
Still : Stainless Steel Pot ,
Aging : - ,
ABV/Proof : 40% abv (80-proof)
Other : -

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Tequila Badass
383 ratings
  • 79 Rating

Much more refined than the repo(no surprise) and has a lighter footprint than the Añejo(surprising), I’d slot it between the two of you’re trying the entire lineup. Oak is definitely driving the bus but it’s soft and elegant in places, makes me wonder what went wrong with the repo?!

Tequila Honey Badger
1007 ratings
  • 82 Rating

As usual, the bottle from this brand is an impressive construct. The tequila is average for an XA, except for the price. The $60 price for this at least makes the bottle worth collecting for the hand blown novelty of a horse within the bottle. Not very sweet at all, this tequila has a very oak forward taste with some bitterness on the tongue that you don't usually see in an XA. Fairly long on the finish without a lot of alcohol numbing. Average at best as far as overall tequila worth.

Tequila Fan
3 ratings
  • 59 Rating

Tried the Anejo of the same brand in mexico, was exited to try this ultra premium. It tastes more like a whiskey. Its not terrible. If it is at a bar I might order a shot... I would recomend others in the price range 100x before this one. It tastes a lot like Gibsons Finest to me, had to google to see if it was 100% agave. The internet said it was. was $150 Canadian. My Native Girlfriend says it tastes like Balsam Indian medicine