Bottle of Patrón Ahumado Silver

Patrón Ahumado Silver

Tipo: Tequila
Brand: Patron
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Detalles de Producción
NOM : 1492 ,
Tipo de agave : Tequilana Weber ,
Región de agave : Jalisco (Los Altos) ,
Región : Jalisco (Ciénega) ,
Cocinando : Earthen Pit ,
Extracción : Tahona ,
Fuente de agua : Deep well water ,
Fermentación : Wood fermentation tanks, 100% agave, Fermentation with fibers, Open-air fermentation ,
Destilación : 2x distilled ,
Estilo de destilación : Copper Pot ,
Maduración : - ,
ABV : 41% abv (82-proof)
Otra : -


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Tequila Ninja
146 calificaciones
  • 78 Calificación

Decent spirit. Would of loved for the aromas and smokiness to last longer. Hard to top other smoky expressions from well known distilleries

Tequila Badass
434 calificaciones
  • 80 Calificación

I have downgraded from my video review. There's not that much authentic smoke, and there's nothing else but a lit of sweetness. Although it's not ridiculously priced.. I'm not impressed.

Tequila Savant
235 calificaciones
  • 65 Calificación

Probably a smart marketing idea to make this mezcal-esque expression, but it missed the mark. Nose is one-dimensional, with smoke prominent. Flavor is Minerality, soil, smoke, light citrus. But tastes like three different tequilas mixed together. Very disjointed. Could see it in a spicy/smoky margarita but at this price point ($70) it’s a pass for me.

Tequila Warrior
43 calificaciones
  • 79 Calificación

Aroma: definitely has a mezcal leaning aroma - smoky some sweetness as well Flavor: smokiness in flavor is more subdued but is still present. There is a sweetness that can place my finger on. The front end is thin no burn at all then towards the middle more tingles and burn and then small lingering burn in the finish Finish: very subtle it does linger in the palate but it is sweet and a bit of smokiness I didn’t expect much; it’s better than I had thought but not sure if there is something going on here or not but definitely can say this is catered to the American palate

Tequila Aficionado
53 calificaciones
  • 82 Calificación

Bottle: L23039PA301 1819, LOTE SA 0123, No. HP 28039 Appearance: Clear Full review pending…