Tequila Brands

Brand info comes from a variety of sources, including tequila regulators, app members, retailers, the TTB, and the brands themselves.

Brand Region Nom Status
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Hacienda la Soledad
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1457 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Lopez
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1438 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Los Alamos
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1480 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Los Huajes
Jalisco (Ciénega) 1538 In Production
Hacienda Los Sauces
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1499 In Production
Hacienda Los Tostado
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1463 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Maravatio
Jalisco (Ciénega) 1547 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Mercado
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1548 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Mexicana de Don Patricio
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1416 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Mexicana El Llano
Jalisco (Ciénega) 1107 In Production
Hacienda MG
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1621 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Navarro
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1502 In Production
Hacienda Ontiveros
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1500 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Río Verde Tequila
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1522 In Production
Hacienda Sahuayo
Michoacán 1511 In Production
Hacienda San Gabriel Grand
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1479 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Santo Coyote
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1531 In Production
Hacienda Tangamandapio
Michoacán 1573 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Testigo
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1455 Regulator Inactive
Hacienda Vieja
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1412 In Production
Haciendas de Jalisco
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1460 In Production
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1438 In Production
Happila Tequila
Jalisco (Central) 1504 In Production
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1531 Regulator Inactive
Heredero del Fuego
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1500 In Production
Herencia de Jaripo
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1500 Regulator Inactive
Herencia De Los Pilotos
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1499 Regulator Inactive
Herencia De Oro
Jalisco (Central) 1124 Regulator Inactive
Herencia de Plata
Jalisco (Central) 1124 In Production
Herencia de Villa
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1479 Regulator Inactive
Herencia del Señor
Jalisco (Central) 1124 In Production
Herencia Del Viejo Tequila
Jalisco (Southern) 1501 In Production
Herencia Historico 27 de Mayo
Jalisco (Central) 1124 In Production
Herencia Mexicana
Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) 1580 Regulator Inactive
Herencia Reserva Familiar
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1507 Regulator Inactive
Herenzia Mextizo
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1480 Regulator Inactive
Hermano's Holee Water
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1477 Regulator Inactive
Hermanos de Sangre
Jalisco (Ciénega) 1514 In Production
Hermanos Large
Jalisco (Ciénega) 1433 Regulator Inactive
Hermosa Casagave
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1480 In Production
Heroe de Leon
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1137 Regulator Inactive
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1119 In Production
Hervás Tequila
Jalisco (Central) 1143 In Production
HI °
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1489 Regulator Inactive
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1137 In Production
Hidden Still Spirits Tequila
Jalisco (Ciénega) 1602 Regulator Inactive
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1614 In Production
Hijos de Villa
Jalisco (Ciénega) 1433 Regulator Inactive
Jalisco (Los Valles) 1459 Regulator Inactive
Historia De Leyenda 1874
Jalisco (Central) 1618 Regulator Inactive