Additive-Free Alliance Brand


Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1586
Additional Distilleries: 1146, 1433, 1414, 1558, 1501

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Bryce Taylor
Tequila Phenom
395 ratings

Chamucos Blanco 40% ABV NOM1586 - Organic - Additive Free Alliance On the nose I get some fresh agave and a malolactic note. There’s some celery, minerals and white pepper too. I taste sweet cooked agave, citrus zest, white almonds and white pepper. It has a nice body on the palate. The finish is sweet agave and mild pepper. Overall I enjoy the flavor more than the nose. It has a good mouthfeel and the flavors are well balanced. It’s a simple sipper and cocktail ready.

Keith Bogart (Fuerte Fanatic)
Tequila Ninja
110 ratings

Nose: agave cooked / pepper / lactic funk / caramel/ vegetal / earth / herbal/ melon / lime / lemongrass / hay / nutmeg/ hint of chocolate Taste: sweet cooked agave / pepper/ alcohol/ earth / melon/ lime / tea / bell pepper/ nutmeg/ chocolate/ molasses/ hazelnut/ honey Finish: an unforgiving bitterness snd alcohol take over as pilot an co-pilot on this trip across your palate. The mouthfeel is good with a nice clean finish, except bitter alcohol. This reposado is quite good, until it’s suddenly not. It’s not bad, it’s just that you can taste the potential of this brand/expression in every pour, but the alcohol and bitterness really pull down my score.

Robert Frost
Tequila Savant
255 ratings

This repo was a very light amber in the glass. Aroma of cooked agave, cinnamon and oak. Flavor of cooked agave, black pepper and vanilla. The finish was light to medium but nothing memorable.

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Boss
515 ratings

Edward Lopez
Tequila Phenom
314 ratings

Ken Ihrer (Fuerte Fanatic)
Tequila Ninja
132 ratings

Tasted this blind for a Fuerte Friday. Even blind, I knew right away this was Diablo. This is a love or dislike type of tequila due to the malolactic funk. I am a lover of this profile so keep that in mind. The nose for me is like dinner in a glencarin. I get blue cheese and mushrooms and earthiness. With all that I still get a nice nose if cooked agave. The taste is more agave forward than the nose but I still get that malolactic goodness I like so much. I get olive and mineral and pepper. The finish is excellent and the 55 ABV works only to enhance this experience. If you like Funky Town as much as I do, run, don’t walk, to get your hands on this bargain. I do not apply for my high rating. If this is in your wheelhouse, you will know what I mean. I do not apologize for rating this higher than most. It is in my wheelhouse and I find it damn good.

Ken Ihrer (Fuerte Fanatic)
Tequila Ninja
132 ratings

I do love some funky town and Chamucos scratches that itch for me. This Anejo , unlike their blanco and Diablo is not so funky. Even so, it is a pleasure to the palate. The nose gives off a sweetness of agave, caramel and vanilla. The taste is very much like the nose. Sweet agave, vanilla caramel and barrel spice. The finish is so easy on the tongue as there is almost no alcohol taste but a mouth full of flavors.

Jeremy Kinney
Tequila Ninja
180 ratings

Jaquay Quintrell
Tequila Savant
218 ratings

2nd Night: The aroma evokes a distinctive funk reminiscent of animal stalls, particularly resembling the essence of a hog's pen, intertwined with notes of tobacco leaf. Upon tasting, an initial surge of ethyl heat is felt, gradually intensifying before mingling with inhaled air to reveal a fiery combination of anise and honey that stings the throat. Additional layers of flavor unfold, including hints of peppermint, Red Hots cinnamon candy, caramelized white sugar, lemon citrus, cherry, and a vegetal pepperiness reminiscent of a habanero pepper. The tasting conclusion is notable with evaporating heat, accompanied by a faint sweetness of honey and lingering pepperiness. The sensation of minerality and tingling ethyl is noted, while the initial presence of anise fades into the background.