Dos Armadillos

Jalisco (Southeast)
Nom 1558

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jesse shan
Tequila Guru
86 ratings

Nice chocolatey and sweet toffee notes, agave is still present. Thumbs up. More robust, more spice and cask, not as much agave to taste but definitely some undertones.

jesse shan
Tequila Guru
86 ratings

The nose reminds me of a toffee which has gathered some lint in an old coat pocket, not overly sweet, agave seems lost to me in this and doesn’t come through as much as I had anticipated. Pallets much better than it’s counter part!! Much more agave comes through and a present amount of cask. Cask comes through nicely and isn’t over powering. Mid length immediate finish, lingering after taste.

jesse shan
Tequila Guru
86 ratings

Vegetal and fresh notes, citrus zing n kapow! Nice agave notes, awesome blanco, love it

Rodrigo Sanchez
Tequila Ninja
192 ratings

Matthew Enos
Tequila Fan
4 ratings

Gordon Sandmeier
Tequila Lover
12 ratings

Deliciously loaded with vanilla caramel nice smooth finish

Carla Wale
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

Cooper Hicks
Tequila Aficionado
55 ratings

Ralph Jimenez
Tequila Ninja
176 ratings

Aroma is loaded with caramel and has butterscotch with vanilla.