Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1603
Additional Distilleries: 1143

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Ryan August
Tequila Ninja
137 ratings

Ethanol on the nose, some agave. Maybe a citrus note? Nothing really stands out. On the palate some agave and a bit of bitter ethanol. Honestly an okay-ish mixer, not a sipper by any means. Very thin, not a ton going on in the finish, and too hot to be a sipper. Not terrible in a margarita though.

Don Cervantes
Tequila Ninja
139 ratings

Pepe Matz
Tequila Wizard
709 ratings

Marissa P (@tequilaencyclopedia
Tequila Phenom
308 ratings

Alex Bette
Tequila Ninja
131 ratings

Erica Boorom
Tequila Ninja
128 ratings

The smell is a bit fruity, and the taste has agave with a bit of alcohol heat. Not the worst, but you can do better if you're on a budget.

Jacob Skoff
Tequila Badass
474 ratings

Green bell pepper, lots of alcohol, raw agave, citrus, herbal.

John Mehrkens (@jmehrk35)
Tequila Phenom
357 ratings

Ryan Okerström
Tequila Ninja
182 ratings

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The Spirits Business
Jan 25, 2017

Tequila to get certification mark in US

Mexico’s Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), or the Tequila Regulatory Council, has won the right to register ‘Tequila’ as a certification mark in the US following a legal battle with drinks group Luxco.