Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1443

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Jacob Skoff
Tequila Badass
399 ratings

Aroma: citrus sweet, herbal, vegetal, raw agave, orange floral scent. Palate: citrus, orange peal, alcohol, orange blossom, zest. Finish: alcohol, citrus and autoclave / diffuser characteristics are present in the final taste

Whitney Robbins
Tequila Enthusiast
8 ratings

Pepe Martinez
Tequila Ninja
110 ratings

Notes: agave raw (wonder if they used young/premature agaves). Herbal aroma notes: celery, sweet Mint, & wet grass Flavor: they have the base, but missing the wow factor found on every blanco. Some process/defects flavors can be perceived. ie. Metallic, mineral, briny/salty, light solvent, & alcohol (ethanol).

Raul Marquez
Tequila Fan
2 ratings

Adam Kopp
Tequila Fan
3 ratings

Adam Kopp
Tequila Fan
3 ratings

Dave Dinius
Tequila Guru
79 ratings

Jenny Cowan
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Nose is sweet, pleasant and complex with notes of maple, vanilla, hazelnuts, tobacco. Bright, fiery amber hue, suggestive of significant aging. Luxurious mouthfeel, earthy wood, dry fruits and cocoa notes compliment the agave forward finish. Very complex but true to the agave from which it was produced. No age statement on batch one but the taste profile suggests aging well beyond the 3 year minimum for Extra Anejo; likely finished in whiskey barrels. Superb product; highly recommended if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on it. Available online though often out of stock.

Bob McBrinn
Tequila Maniac
35 ratings

This so-called extra añejo is terrible, drink this at your own risk.