Cantera Negra

Jalisco (Central)
Nom 1554

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Pepe Galvez
Tequila Ninja
194 ratings

Charlie Cupp
Tequila Savant
221 ratings

Blanco Incredibly Average! Exactly what the world needs is another $40 bottle of the tequila that is almost as good as some 20 a bottle tequilas..... Aged tequilas in this lineup look as if the have had color added.

Cedric reynolds
Tequila Lover
10 ratings

Tequila Wine
Tequila Freak
22 ratings

Sherry Rudnak
Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings

Christyn Stallworth
Tequila Guru
75 ratings

Moshe Ritz
Tequila Lover
11 ratings

Aaron Schmeilski
Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings

Greg Bartolotta @aged_agave
Tequila Ninja
150 ratings

Big fan of their repo and like their xa. Felt for some reason the Anejo fell short of my expectations. A little harsh, over powered by the wood.