El Toro Tequila

Jalisco (Central)
Nom 1143
Additional Distilleries: 1545

Recent Ratings

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Mireille O
Tequila Ninja
113 ratings

Jacob Skoff
Tequila Badass
469 ratings

This is not 100% agave is more of mixto of grapes and cheap tequila waiting to hurt you and remind you of college years ...

Tommy Grules - Los Skeletone Blues Band
Tequila Ninja
196 ratings

Kim Riske
Tequila Fan
3 ratings

Andreas C
Tequila Aficionado
56 ratings

Jeff Potter
Tequila Freak
24 ratings

Carl Evans
Tequila Savant
222 ratings

This is bad, mostly taste like solvent, avoid.

Anthony Rascon
Tequila Fanatic
19 ratings

Bryan Klassen
Tequila Connoisseur
73 ratings

Not much on the nose; can distinguish green pepper. Again bell pepper on tongue. Mostly left with butter alcohol. Needless to say it's not very good at all but better (in taste & price) than the low shelf Sauza and Jose Cuervo.