Number Juan Tequila

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1531

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Jose Rodriguez
Tequila Fanatic
18 ratings

Tim Johnson
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

So for this is my favorite!

Pepe Gomez
Tequila Maniac
32 ratings

Manuel Ramirez
Tequila Fan
4 ratings

Curt Keck
Tequila Guru
90 ratings

Pepe Jimenez
Tequila Maniac
32 ratings

Jacob Skoff
Tequila Phenom
304 ratings

Aroma: grass, agave, fruits. Palate: peppers, grass, cooked agave, earth, sea salt, spearmint, olives. Finish is med to long with earth , agave, herbal notes but sweet.

Bob R
Tequila Lover
3 ratings

Gerson Batista
Tequila Ninja
131 ratings

love the finish of this tequila no burn and natural sweet. agave, vanilla, pepper in the taste well done