Bottle of Por la Gente Tequila Añejo

Por la Gente Tequila Añejo

Tipo: Tequila
Brand: Por La Gente
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Detalles de Producción
NOM : 1479 ,
Tipo de agave : Tequilana Weber ,
Región de agave : Jalisco (Los Altos) ,
Región : Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) ,
Cocinando : Autoclave (high pressure) ,
Extracción : Roller Mill ,
Fuente de agua : Deep well water ,
Fermentación : Stainless steel tanks, 100% agave, Fermentation without fibers ,
Destilación : 2x distilled ,
Estilo de destilación : Copper Pot ,
Maduración : American White Oak barrels, Whisky barrels, Used barrels ,
ABV : 40% abv (80-proof)
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Tequila Badass
494 calificaciones
  • 72 Calificación

While the Reposado was a vanilla bomb, the extra time in barrel has really tempered the Añejo. This is is far more balanced and confident than the previous expressions, it’s a nice effort and I will for sure try again.

Tequila Connoisseur
73 calificaciones
  • 67 Calificación

Aroma of brown sugar. Flavour is not at all sweet and dissipates quickly. The agave flavour sits on your tongue for a while.

Tequila Fan
1 calificaciones
  • 93 Calificación

This Anejo tequila offers a delightful experience with its rich blend of flavors. The prominent caramel notes provide a sweet and indulgent opening, creating a smooth and inviting aroma. As you take your first sip, the smoky oak undertones emerge, adding a layer of complexity to the profile. This interplay between sweetness and smokiness creates a balanced and intriguing taste that lingers pleasantly on the palate. The tequila's smooth finish enhances its overall appeal, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a harmonious blend of flavors. Whether enjoyed neat or in your favorite cocktail, Por la Gente Anejo tequila's caramel and smoky oak notes are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Tequila Guru
86 calificaciones
  • 75 Calificación

aroma: caramel, well rounded, taste: all spice