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Cassius C
Tequila Fan
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Tequila Lover
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Its funny to me that a review for a new tequila can be disrespected and discredited in any way by anybody. I gave this a 100 and never tried it. But for somebody to disrespect a company with a faulty review out of being a hater is low level twerp status. A greasy lifeless loser. This App used to be a pretty honest and solid place to find a respect level for the hard work and great quality of Agave spirits. But the people who adopt the culture with weirdo intentions are so lame. I have to step away until they update a panel of truth by actual lovers of the spirit. Too much in the same lane, not only causes traffic but true misconception. Whether this juice is amazing or awful it should be as everything in life, judged correctly. Please fix who and how they rate spirits. I want to know truth not lies for profit or hate.

Luc Salomoni
Tequila Connoisseur
73 calificaciones

Javier Sanchez
Tequila Fan
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