Quintaliza Tequila

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1522

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Craig Macadang
Tequila Honey Badger
1447 calificaciones

Mireille O
Tequila Ninja
159 calificaciones

Nose: heavy bourbon notes (charred wood, caramel, flambéd sugar, vanilla) Taste: coffee - first and immediate note is a robust coffee taste. It’s like you walked into a coffee shop! Middle notes are toffee, roasted agave and wood Finishes with the note of agave and coffee. This is a very different flavor profile than most tequilas I’ve tried. I appreciate the innovation while maintaining agave, coffee, and bourbon flavors.

ChristineH Tequila.Diva
Tequila Badass
480 calificaciones

tried a little sample at latf industry party 2023. i was surprised i didnt get a lot of coffee notes as expected. still, it was quite pleasant. i want to revisit because there was a cigar influence in the air (we were at a cigar bar)

Rob Gerard
Tequila Savant
264 calificaciones

Ryan Okerström
Tequila Ninja
196 calificaciones

Jose A
Tequila Wizard
804 calificaciones

Tasting Review for Quintaliza Reposado Tequila by our catador @pepeagave: Aroma: Cooked agave, caramel, black pepper, oak, orange peel, chocolate, coffee, walnut, barrel spice & toasted bread. Taste: Caramelized agave, coffee (bittersweet), honey, barrel spice, oakiness in a very elegant way, along with sweet nuances of allspice and baking spices. Clove, white pepper, cocoa, leather & tobacco notes also make an appearance. Price: $75-80

Doug Price
Tequila Badass
434 calificaciones

Jon Novak
Tequila Savant
236 calificaciones

Coffee on the nose with slight agave. Dark color. Chocolate on the palate. Slight bitter finish. Not bad. Very unique

Bryce Taylor
Tequila Phenom
379 calificaciones

This is a unique Reposado from NOM1522 - Hacienda de Oro and Master Distiller Iliana Partida. It’s certified organic and additive free. This is a double barrel Reposado that’s first aged for two months in white oak American bourbon barrels and then aged for 3 months in coffee barrels. It’s the coffee barrels that give this tequila its bronze color. - On the nose, I get several aromas that create a pleasant density. There is some faint agave and raw honey notes with a hint of dry barrel that gives it a dry hay scent. There’s also a hint of bitterness, leather, and tobacco leaves. So far the color and nose are reminiscent of an anejo. - When I first taste Quintaleza I get the cooked agave sweetness and that honey note right before the density hits. The mid-palate density is comprised of the leather and tobacco notes from the nose. Some barrel spices and bitterness follow. There's some peppery heat that presents itself right before the finish. - On the finish, I get the pepper and the bitterness. There's some faint chocolate and then the coffee note finally appears. The sweetness also bleeds into the finish. - This repo also drinks like an anejo. This is an exemplary tequila for tequila aficionados because they’ll get to experience a coffee barrel finish and it’ll be good for people newer to tequila because it’s very flavorful without being too complex. Overall I think they are onto something good and I look forward to their future batches.

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Quintaliza Reposado Tequila is finished in oak barrels that previously held artisan-roasted organic coffee made from sustainably sourced beans harvested in Chiapas, Mexico.