Alianza Sin Aditivos Marca

Suave Tequila

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1522

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ChristineH Tequila.Diva
Tequila Badass
480 calificaciones

Suave joven Whiskey on the nose More agave on the palate Tastes Less sweet than nose

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Badass
485 calificaciones

Josh Ohlinger @QueenCLTequila
Tequila Ninja
113 calificaciones

I had the misfortune of losing a bottle to the Transportation Gods, so I had to move mountains to find another one of these limited release bottles. I am so glad I did. A cool evening, gentle breeze, sitting outside, after dinner, this warmed me up perfectly. It is a delicious blend that I hope the shipping company slurped off the ground :) As a married man, I know how wise it is to give my spouse the upper hand, so I give an ever so slight edge to the 42S Joven, who 'nosed' it out at the 'finish'. If you can find either expression, buy it.

Hagi Garcia
Tequila Ninja
182 calificaciones

Seattle Juan
Tequila Honey Badger
1346 calificaciones

Nose is reminiscent of old 1800 Milenio and it’s French oak. Very clean oak aromas from the new barrels used bring a cedar hint as well as some vanilla and the always present agave. On the palate this is light with little bitterness and a very mild wood flavor along with roast agave, caramel and a bit of clove. Finish is solid with a good mid tongue buzz and tingle.

Jose A
Tequila Wizard
804 calificaciones

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Badass
485 calificaciones

Simon Gutierrez
Tequila Phenom
348 calificaciones

ChristineH Tequila.Diva
Tequila Badass
480 calificaciones

SUAVE ANEJO $190 Oldtown 1522 los valles confirmed additive free organic High-pressure autoclave Nose: Caramel, oak, some citrus, brown sugar, a little heat on top. Nose settles down after it opens and gets better Taste: more oak than sweet. not bad Finish: medium to long Rated 84 but waaay overpriced so points off

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Suave Tequila... A Smooth Player & Tequilcello - the Marriage of Italian and Mexican Flavors

The Suave line is a solid, clean, additive free line of tequilas. Jaime Villalobos Sauza really puts his all into making this a special brand of tequilas.