Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1123
Previous Distilleries: 1112

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Karen Nguyen
Tequila Lover
10 ratings

Alejandro Nuñez
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

duncan wood
Tequila Fan
2 ratings

Andy Bardon
Tequila Guru
89 ratings

Andy Bardon
Tequila Guru
89 ratings

Mike Eddins
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79 ratings

Shelvie Sc
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1 ratings

Jacob Skoff
Tequila Savant
293 ratings

Greg Bartolotta
Tequila Connoisseur
71 ratings

A distinctive smell of bubble gum? Again I am not a big fan of Cristalino’s. Flavors were palatable but not what I look for in an Anejo.

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Jan 31, 2011

You Say You Want A Revolucion? Too Bad This Tequila Isn’t Worth Fighting For

While the protests in Egypt remind us what a true revolution is—new, energizing, passion-driven— Tequila Revolucion seems the opposite. It doesn’t ignite our senses, nor does it hark back to the image of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, throwing back a

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Dec 31, 2010

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