Don Alvaro

Jalisco (Central)
Nom 1417

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Rana René
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

One of the worst tequilas I ever tried, still having big remorse that I wasted money and luggage space on this brand. Maybe I can make cocktails with it.

hige oj
Tequila Warrior
43 ratings

Really good for tequila highball. Glamorous flavour and unique taste.

Koki Ito
Tequila Freak
23 ratings


Junko Tanabe
Tequila Freak
27 ratings

Remy Newland
Tequila Boss
546 ratings

Nose: Thin agave presence. Dusty sawdust. Flavor: Bitter pine, astringent chemicals and oak barrel. Finish is hard to evaluate fairly, since I expectorated the several sips needed to rate this tequila. Not well crafted... it screams diffuser and additives!

Remy Newland
Tequila Boss
546 ratings

Entrance of cookie dough, agave and vanilla. Flavor starts with sweet heat and a floral note that I can’t quite identify. Some bitterness and heat in the medium long finish. A little cloying. In Mexico, reasonably priced. $255 pesos. Tasted again tonight and detected artificial flavors. I’m thinking additives....

ray said
Tequila Warrior
40 ratings

tequila umai_bot
Tequila Ninja
178 ratings

Kento Tanaka
Tequila Freak
22 ratings