Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1522

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Nino Esparza
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Christopher Anderson
Tequila Lover
9 ratings

John Welch
Tequila Wizard
851 ratings

Very light on the nose this has a quite full flavor set of cooked caramelized agave, herbs and earth, a somewhat neutral to slightly bitter note as the finish develops and fades. Strong finish of several minutes length. Glad this is still as vibrant as new. Another case of artificial cork preserving the spirit. Bottle dated 30/03/2007 22/07/2018

Matt Zorumski
Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings

joseph terrell
Tequila Enthusiast
3 ratings

far hills nj

Craig Macadang
Tequila Wizard
784 ratings

Craig Macadang
Tequila Wizard
784 ratings

Quixote Rocinante
Tequila Ninja
138 ratings

Very pleasant relative to other things I tasted tonight. Might be good in an Anejo vertical. But then I compared to one of my old work horses and there is no contest. Sorry Semental but you are not the horse with. 99th percentile left ventricle by my ultrasound. ( If you are interested in the reference, read the rip roaring interesting book Everybody Lies.)

Frank Quinones
Tequila Fan
2 ratings

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Ryan Kelley
Jan 09, 2010

Tequila Semental boasts mellow, savory lowland agave flavor

Tequila Semental is yet another newcomer in the crowded premium tequila market. The owners must be hoping sales will live up to its name – a semental is a carefully selected fighting bull used for breeding – and stand apart from the numerous others on the