Feria de Jalisco

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1578

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John Welch
Tequila Honey Badger
1013 ratings

Tasting this from Mike Bucca's collection. Interesting reposado that has some bitterness and a short finish holding it back from a higher score.

Jay MacRaild
Tequila Badass
383 ratings

Smells like vanilla, that’s bizarre considering it’s a Blanco but hence the power of additives! Lots of sweetness going on and a sharp drop off to a hot finish. On a side note I like that these guys are doing different vintages and stamping the bottles, too bad they aren’t letting the agave do the talking.

ALEX Martínez
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Carlos Arizpe
Tequila Fanatic
16 ratings

Yuki Harada
Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings

Samuel White
Tequila Ninja
112 ratings

A strange entry; an unusual sort of sweetness that seems to be additive-derived, but without the usual vanilla-caramel character. Almost a sort of burned-ness. A very sort of artificial and kind of baby-powder-like aroma. Not altogether sure what to think of it.

Beau Lynch
Tequila Badass
414 ratings

Adam Duri
Tequila Savant
242 ratings

Super nutty and sweet. Hot to finish

Julian McWatt
Tequila Freak
27 ratings

brand no longer in production