Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1414

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Lou Agave (Long Island Lou Tequila)
Tequila Savant
206 ratings

One of the best Reposados I've had. Absolutely stunning.

Pepe Galvez
Tequila Savant
238 ratings

John Welch
Tequila Honey Badger
1095 ratings

Bus bottle on Lobster Bus 12

Remy Newland
Tequila Wizard
717 ratings

Nose: Big aromas. Nice agave notes with mandarin and nectarine. Some vanilla and light brown spices. A hint of cider, minerals and some lactic nuances. Flavor: Pleasing mouth feel. Pepper, cinnamon, creaminess, dried citrus, and citrus rind. Finish is vivacious with an invitation to come back for more.

Craig Macadang
Tequila Honey Badger
1009 ratings

Massimo Agave Piña
Tequila Ninja
146 ratings

Spicy & Tasty!

Alex Lacroix
Tequila Maniac
34 ratings

Michael Morse
Tequila Aficionado
53 ratings

Michael Hart
Tequila Ninja
111 ratings

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Long Island Lou Tequila
Jan 23, 2021

Buscadores Reposado - Oh My Goodness

Lou opens up an old treasure bottle from NOM 1414, Buscadores Reposado.

Tequila Whisperer
Sep 23, 2011

Treasure Bottles: Last Sips of Some Rare Finds

Rick Mendell and The Tequila Whisperer have a good time polishing off a few coveted treasure bottles.