Jalisco (Southeast)
Nom 1558
Previous Distilleries: 1433, 1535

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Ed Shmaytin
Tequila Fan
3 ratings

Travis Lohse
Tequila Fanatic
18 ratings

Kyle Bulock
Tequila Maniac
38 ratings

Marty Neary
Tequila Ninja
126 ratings

David K
Tequila Guru
75 ratings

A bit light for an anejo. Not very distinctive. Smoothe but light on flavor

Simon Alain
Tequila Guru
94 ratings

Quite expansive and not that good

Randy Smyth
Tequila Guru
65 ratings

Sweet smell, good flavour, smooth finish

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Nightclub & Bar
Aug 04, 2015

New Tequila Sensations Debut in the US

There’s a mystique and romance surrounding tequila that few products enjoy. The import has captivated the imagination of the American drinking public, making it the fastest growing category of spirits in the country. As aficionados grow more discerning, d

The Spirits Business
Jun 23, 2015

Sage Beverages Unveils Ultra-Premium Tavi Tequila

US spirits, beer and wine importer Sage Beverages has expanded its portfolio with new 100% agave ultra-premium Tavi Tequila.