Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1464

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Pepe Galvez
Tequila Savant
282 ratings

Remy Newland
Tequila Wizard
959 ratings

Nose is floral and fruity with agave and baking spices. Traces of black pepper and pine needles. Flavor: Spices and sweet cooked agave. Followed by honey and toasted nuts. Nice heat ensues.

Leo Garcia
Tequila Ninja
149 ratings

Irving Cam
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Dale Hunt
Tequila Wizard
707 ratings

Dustin Schweitzer
Tequila Ninja
112 ratings

Nobuyuki Hiraga
Tequila Guru
85 ratings

Kevin Taylor
Tequila Lover
11 ratings

Frozen Fella
Tequila Fan
4 ratings