Cava Antigua

Jalisco (Central)
Nom 1431
Previous Distilleries: 1447, 1420

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Gary Sult
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Lori Reynolds
Tequila Enthusiast
8 ratings

Dale Hunt
Tequila Savant
272 ratings

Todd A
Tequila Lover
11 ratings

Eric Nadler
Tequila Fan
4 ratings

Nick Seifert
Tequila Warrior
41 ratings

Dale Hunt
Tequila Savant
272 ratings

Marcus Hillman
Tequila Ninja
125 ratings

Quixote Rocinante
Tequila Ninja
138 ratings

Bourbon and an overdose of pepper. The aftertaste is long and sits there, not bitter but about as annoying as walking into a good pub with Fox News on. The taste is vanilla and sweet but short lived. An indifferent ending for dashed hopes.