Gran Coramino

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1122

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Pepe @pepeagave @donpepetequila
Tequila Boss
540 ratings

Ryan Okerström
Tequila Ninja
131 ratings

Gerson Batista
Tequila Savant
248 ratings

Lou Agave (Long Island Lou Tequila)
Tequila Badass
434 ratings

Downgraded after revisit, from my video review. Too artificial and too much alcohol, although price is good for an Reposado cristalino.

Greg Bartolotta @aged_agave
Tequila Phenom
381 ratings

A strong smell of rubbing alcohol on the nose, pepper dominates, followed by vanilla. Fairly priced for a Cristalino. A palatable Cristalino for the money

Antwane Nelson
Tequila Savant
278 ratings

Over sweet on the nose … artificial vanilla aroma and on the pallet…. No true agave aroma or flavor. Hard to finish the glass.

Scott Sampson
Tequila Savant
215 ratings

Francisco Garcia
Tequila Ninja
146 ratings

Grover Sanschagrin
Tequila Honey Badger
1029 ratings

Sigh, yet another celebrity tequila trying to chase after DJ 1942, with lots of fake vanilla in the aroma and flavor. Really simple and lacks complexity. If you are an aficionado, you won’t like this.