Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1472

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Johnny Jimenez
Tequila Enthusiast
6 ratings

I’m going to have to get some Don Julio 1942 to compare with, it’s that good

Aaron Schmitz
Tequila Ninja
106 ratings

Aaron Schmitz
Tequila Ninja
106 ratings

Dolly Vannarath
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Gary Leeper
Tequila Ninja
102 ratings

Gerson Batista
Tequila Ninja
131 ratings

I taste fake sweetener right away. This is just flat in the taste. No Agave anywhere.

tyler toews
Tequila Freak
23 ratings

more oak than the Reposado. slightly sweet, some caramel. strong minty/menthol flavor

Gavin Kenrick
Tequila Maniac
33 ratings

strong oak flavour, nice nose for me

Gavin Kenrick
Tequila Maniac
33 ratings

smooth, very subtle flavour

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Silver Doctors
Jul 01, 2018

Mexican Bliss: Tequila Maker In Mexico Filters Its Water Using Silver

Stoli Group USA’s Cenote Tequila, is filtering its water used for tequila through silver ions.

Frontier Magazine
Oct 18, 2017

Stoli Group unveils super-premium tequila

Stoli Group has added new super-premium tequila brand Cenote to its spirits portfolio.