Uno Por Favor

Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1479

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Bryce Taylor (Austin Tequila Connoisseurs)
Tequila Ninja
183 ratings

Don Heiser
Tequila Wizard
593 ratings

On the nose I get earth, a small amount of cooked agave, some fruit dried cherries and a hint of vanilla. The flavor starts with some spice like white pepper the cook agave is there but not the amount that I like, creamy mouth feel, light amount of citrus lime peel, and earth. The finish is full of pepper and fads out somewhat disappointing. This tasting was over an hour and in the PM. I will try it again late morning to see if the pallet changes.

Grover Sanschagrin
Tequila Wizard
856 ratings

Not really into the aroma of this. It has a vanilla and straw-like thing going on. Flavor has cinnamon and oak. It’s super mike, not complex, which some people like.

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Savant
220 ratings

Craig Macadang
Tequila Honey Badger
1009 ratings

Nic Soglanich (The Tequila Wanderer)
Tequila Guru
85 ratings

Nic Soglanich (The Tequila Wanderer)
Tequila Guru
85 ratings

John Welch
Tequila Honey Badger
1082 ratings

Lou Agave (Long Island Lou Tequila)
Tequila Savant
206 ratings

A delightful fruity profile- it's smooth with a nice little bite and easy to drink. UPF has a great fruity and buttery nose and a smooth delicious taste. Cool bottle and well priced.

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Jun 27, 2018

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Long Island Lou Tequila
Dec 18, 2017

Uno Por Favor - a Tasty, Fruity and Clean Blanco Tequila

Tequila Uno Por Favor is a clean, tasty, pure and smooth drinking blanco tequila, and once you try it, you'll be saying... Uno Por Favor.