La Gritona

Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1533

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Mac Innes
Tequila Enthusiast
9 ratings

Andrew Guest
Tequila Enthusiast
9 ratings

Erin Nathan
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Doug Parent
Tequila Ninja
104 ratings

Jimenez Da Menaz
Tequila Ninja
142 ratings

Ok people most wont like the comparison but I found this tequila very similar to siete leguas reposado which I like very much, the difference here is the price! Almost half. Very smooth and loaded with the agave and light oak and vanilla flavors. Once again if the bottle gave extra points it would, I liked the old school, beer bottle cork with the spring tensioner, very cool!

Mark Wiggins
Tequila Maniac
31 ratings

Rob Meyers
Tequila Maniac
30 ratings

Smells like agave that has been stored in Tupperware, is that weird to say?

Bruce Petitt
Tequila Freak
27 ratings

Nathan Bennett
Tequila Ninja
189 ratings