Goza Tequila

Jalisco (Central)
Nom 1618
Additional Distilleries: 1517, 1479

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Scott Sampson
Tequila Savant
215 ratings

Marissa P (@tequilaencyclopedia
Tequila Savant
287 ratings

Chris Ancell
Tequila Badass
417 ratings

NOM 1479. Aroma is very vegetal with little or no barrel noticeable. Agave is strongly present in the aroma. This tequila is pretty thin but gives a nice bite of peppery spice in the flavor. A definite flavor of bitter almond at the end. The bitter aftertaste lingers along with some spice for a moderate finish. There is a lot here to like but in the end this one is pretty unbalanced/uneven. Things just don’t seem to come together with this tequila. I’d like to try the Blanco. 11/18/2017

Abel Tinajero
Tequila Aficionado
50 ratings

Kaase El-Talabani
Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings

Mani Aff
Tequila Ninja
196 ratings

Marc Dwyer
Tequila Ninja
111 ratings

Jim Sheldon
Tequila Freak
28 ratings

Patty Wells
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

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Goza, a small brand started by two best friends in Atlanta, Jacob Gluck and business partner Adam Hirsch.