Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1494

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Pepe Galvez
Tequila Savant
242 ratings

Juan Carlos Martin Roaro
Tequila Phenom
325 ratings

Remy Newland
Tequila Wizard
738 ratings

Per the name, a violet tinge to the juice. A women owned company promoting a tequila for women. Nose: Fruit, spices, an artificial cherry note, and trace minerals. Flavors: Oily mouth feel, perhaps over the top oily. Nutty, vanilla and almonds with lite pepper. I want to give this a chance — but...

Adolfo Gonzaga
Tequila Fan
4 ratings

Angel Roldan Leon
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings

Arturo Proskauer
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Jennifer Muramatsu
Tequila Guru
95 ratings