Amor Mio

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1466

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Joe Paletta
Tequila Warrior
43 ratings

Marek Gnys
Tequila Enthusiast
8 ratings

Nice aroma of cherry,oak, caramel , hint of chocolate and tobacco. Very light body with lots of peppercorn, spice and hints of the cherry, vanilla and oak on the back end. Short hot finish that lingers just enough.

Eli Cizewski-Robinson
Tequila Enthusiast
9 ratings

Rachel Mee
Tequila Freak
21 ratings

Gordon D
Tequila Ninja
99 ratings

Smells like artificial sweetener on top of a poorly cleaned outhouse ,taste? At least it’s not vodka! Gladly dumped it down the sink, tired of looking at it.

Chad Frederick
Tequila Fan
4 ratings

Mundo Tequila
Tequila Ninja
161 ratings

Yukimasa Kizawa
Tequila Aficionado
56 ratings