Casco Viejo

Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1610
Previous Distilleries: 1456

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Remy Newland
Tequila Wizard
620 ratings

Aroma: Spun sugar and vanilla. Trace agave presence. Flavor: Hot and a nondescript sweetness - perhaps maple syrup and vanilla? Some bitter notes linger. Not a pedigree tequila for aficionados. But it is a budget pleaser for many of my neighbors.

Juan Carlos Martin Roaro
Tequila Phenom
322 ratings

Chiharu Ono
Tequila Savant
220 ratings

tequila umai_bot
Tequila Ninja
186 ratings

hiroshi yoshida
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

Florian B.
Tequila Lover
13 ratings

Mizuki Suzuki
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

Armando Guillen
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

JP Diz
Tequila Maniac
29 ratings

100% agave batch tasted at La Arandina Peachy and Eucaliptus really interesting