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Jalisco (Los Valles)
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Pru Rachel carmenza and I in pigeon forge for kathys wedding

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Market Watch Magazine
Sep 21, 2016

Blue Nectar Tequila Debuts Custom Blending Program

Blue Nectar Tequila has introduced a custom blending program for on- and off-premise accounts, available across its 15-state distribution network.

Downtown Magazine NYC
Aug 30, 2016

Blue Nectar Tequila's Nikhil Bahadur Talks Tequila, New York City & More

Founded in October 2011, Blue Nectar has accomplished plenty in its first five years. The brand — as founded by a father and son — has four varieties of tequila available: Blue Nectar Silver, Blue Nectar Reposado Extra Blend, Blue Nectar Reposado Special

The Drinks Report
May 02, 2015

Blue Nectar debuts new labels

While it’s the spirit that matters, beautiful packaging never hurt, say father and son brand owners BN and Nikhil Bahadur.

Crushed Agave
Mar 22, 2014

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2014 Announces Best Tequila

The Ultimate Spirits "not like any other competition and doesn’t want to be" Challenge have released their results for 2014.

Aug 21, 2012

Blue Nectar Tequila Hits Texas Small-batch tequila continues to grow national presence

Blue Nectar Spirits Company today announced its Blue Nectar Tequila (Blue Nectar) is now available in the Lone Star State. Having launched in October 2011 in both the Michigan and Colorado markets, the award-winning tequila will now be sold in spirits ret