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Huizache Blanco

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Production Details
NOM : 1437 ,
Agave Region : Jalisco (Tequila Valley) ,
Region : Jalisco (Los Valles) ,
Cooking : Autoclave (post diffuser) ,
Extraction : Diffuser ,
Water Source : Deep well water ,
Fermentation : 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks ,
Distillation : 2x distilled ,
Still : Stainless Steel ,
Aging : - ,
ABV/Proof : 40% abv (80-proof)
Other : -

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Agave (cooked)

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Agave (cooked)


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Tequila Enthusiast
6 ratings
  • 60 Rating

got a sample of this tequila and it is easy to drink. I did not taste agave or anything I expect from a tequila. no finish. good marketing and presentation. excellent price. but I don't want it.

Tequila Guru
92 ratings
  • 60 Rating

Not horrible

Tequila Ninja
170 ratings
  • 73 Rating

750ml for $6US. Very earthy (maybe too green for typical consumer),crisp with spice. Don't understand all the negative reviews on this marca. Inconsistent from batch to batch?

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The Tequila Tourist
Apr 23, 2013

Review #299 - Huizache Tequila Silver Blanco

If you've noticed a theme about my reviews, you definitely note that I have a soft spot for the budget brands that are 100% agave.